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10 tips to prolong your pedicure

  • Author:BAZAAR
  • Source:
  • Release on:2019-09-05

10 tips to prolong your pedicure

10 tips to prolong your pedicure

    "Treating your feet to a little TLC before the summer is the single most important thing to do in order to prolong your pedicure",china king throne pedicure chair manufacturer explains global nail technician, Marian Newman. She shares her top tips on how to keep your feet looking perfect for longer

    1. Get rid of hard skin

    "To refine and revitalise your feet, massage a gentle exfoliating product into your whole foot at least once a week."This will keep them super smooth and free from rough edges.china manicure pedicure chair wholesale

    "To remove additional dry and hard skin, use your foot file before or after your bath, so that you can feel what needs to be taken off.You have to be careful not to remove all hard skin down to the baby soft skin underneath as your soles still need some protection from damage, soreness and even infection." This is especially important when you are wearing flimsy shoes like flip flops.

    2. Cut your toenails correctly

    "Use a good nail clipper,that is sharp and clean.When cutting your big toenail,don't cut it in one go or straight across as this puts too much stress on the nail plate.Instead,make several small cuts across the nail,but avoid cutting it too short as this increases the likelihood of ingrown nails."

    3. Even out any ridges

    "You might notice that your big toenail has slight ridges on it.If your nails are thick and strong,these ridges can be smoothed out slightly with a buffer.Then,use a gentle nail file to slightly round the corners of your nails.This will remove sharp edges and give them a shiny surface which will make polish stay put for longer."

    "For menopausal women,however, their nails can often be weaker and more prone to ridges.In this case, avoid filing your nails if possible,as this will only make breakages and chips more likely,spoiling your pedicure."china spa pedicure chair package suppliers

    4. Treat your cuticles well

    "Toenails always have a lot of cuticle on them- the skin around the base of the nail- but this should never be cut. Instead, use a gentle cuticle remover,to soften the dead skin and gently wipe away with a cuticle tool or even your thumb inside a towel, to keep your feet looking tidy for longer."

10 tips to prolong your pedicure

     5. Use foot cream and nail oil acrylic nail polish rack wholesale china

    "When feet are no longer in your sweaty winter boots, they tend to dry out really quickly and cracked heels can spoil the appearance of even the nicest varnish. Use a foot cream every day in the summer to solve the problem.

    "A nail oil can help keep your feet healthy and your nails shiny when applied every day, even when you are wearing nail varnish. While some types of oils sit on the surface of your nail as a protecting balm, others go deeper to treat your nail below the top layer.