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Beauty bed life to 10 years is not a dream!

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2019-01-17

Beauty bed life to 10 years is not a dream!

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With the development of the times, the beauty bed has gradually become a fashion, becoming a kind of life. A good beauty bed is not only a beauty club, a spa club, etc., but also a customer in a different life experience,Expected. Obviously, both for beauty salons and customers, we look forward to and pay attention to a good beauty bed, and the useful life is the best measure of the quality of this bed.

★ In order to have a long-lasting beauty life, the most important is know which factors will reduce the useful life of the beauty bed.
1.Material: the influencing factors from wood, sponge mats, leather sleeves, small to a screw, paint on the brush and other materials will affect the useful life of the beauty bed.

2.Craftsmanship: there are good materials, but also a good craftsman, skilled craftsmanship of high quality, patience, care, It plays a decisive role in the quality and service life of beauty beds.

3.Use Environment: the use of the environment also affects the age of the beauty bed? Yes. Because the material and characteristics of the beauty bed can choose the environment, for example, ash is not suitable for a too dry environment, and some materials are not suitable for a too humid environment.

4.Paint: Do not look at the surface of a small layer of paint is not important, in fact, it plays a very important role like a protective film, good paint can prevent the wood from being wet, prevent the iron frame from rusting and aging.

5.Maintenance methods: Maintenance of the use of beauty beds has also played a very important role, especially mattress maintenance.

6.Usage: Use masseurs, beauticians will also have a certain impact on the life of the beauty bed.

    Beauty bed life to 10 years is not a dream!

How long does the average beauty bed last?

There are so many factors mentioned above that affect the service life of the beauty bed, such as material, workmanship, environment, paint, motor and so on. There is a link that directly reduces the service life of the beauty bed and destroys the quality of the beauty bed. If all the above factors are guaranteed, how long is the service life of the beauty bed? According to many tests and studies in the industry, and perfect after-sales follow-up, the data show that it will be about 3-10 years.


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