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  • Release on:2019-05-29

Cleaning Pipeless Jet

How to Clean Pipeless Jet wholesale pipeless cheap used spa pedicure chairs

1.Remove the filter screen, inlet jets cover, and all other removable parts from the basin and clean out any debris trapped behind or in them.

2.Using a brush, scrub the jetswith soap or disinfectant (following cleaning directions).pedicure bath tub factory

3.Rinse the removed jets with clean water and place them back into the basin apparatus.

4.Fill the basin with clean water and add the salondisinfectant.Turn the unit on and circulate the system with the liquid for 10 minutes.The whirlpool mechanism of the tub must be operating for the entire disinfection period so the piping and internal components that contain hidden bacteria are disinfected.Pipeless Massage Spa Pedicure Chair

5.After disinfection, drain, rinse,wipe away water and air dry.

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