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Classification of leather

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  • Release on:2022-01-14

Classification of leather

  Leather is a denatured and non-perishable animal skin obtained by physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. Leather is composed of natural protein fibers tightly woven in three-dimensional space, and its surface has a special grain layer, which has natural grain and luster, and feels comfortable.
 Genuine Leather
  "Leather" is a common word in the leather product market, and it is a customary name for natural leather in order to distinguish synthetic leather. In the consumer's concept, "dermis" also has the meaning of non-fake.

  Animal leather is a kind of natural leather, which is what we often call genuine leather. It is a leather material with various characteristics, strength, feel, color and pattern after being tanned by animal (raw hide) in a tannery. It is a necessary material for modern leather products. spa pedicure chair by doshower

  The processing process of genuine animal leather is very complicated, and dozens of processes are required to make finished leather. Among them, cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin are the three major types of leather used in leather making.

 artificial leather
  Artificial leather, also called imitation leather or rubber, is a general term for artificial materials such as PVC and PU. It is made by foaming or laminating of PVC and PU of various formulas on a textile cloth base or non-woven base. Patterns and other requirements are processed, and have the characteristics of a wide variety of colors, good waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization rate and cheaper price than genuine leather. pedicure chair wholesales in china

  Artificial leather is a very popular type of material that is commonly used to make various leather products, or to replace some genuine leather materials. Its increasingly advanced production technology is being widely used in the processing and production of two-layer leather. Nowadays, artificial leather with characteristics similar to real leather has been produced and marketed.

  Its surface technology is extremely fibrous tissue of the base material, which almost achieves the effect of real leather, and its price is comparable to that of domestic top layer leather.

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Classification of leather