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DS-15C pedicure chair model non-standard customization

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-12-31

DS-15C pedicure chair model non-standard customization

  DS-15C is one of our popuplar and hot selling pedicure chair models.It can be with different chair parts,bowl,armrest and other details and configurations.
  Such as this standard pedicure chair model.It has standard pipeless whirlpool stystem,standard kneading massage function,glass bowl with 7 LED lights and adjustable footrest and armrest.


  Such as this special one with different chair part.This pedicure chair model change the chair part in the special patterns.and it looks more luxury and more beautiful and comfortable.

  and we also have other models,such as with different armrest,different configurations and other details.
  Not only for this 15C pedicure chair model,all of our pedicure chair are   non-standard customization.we can help you customize the magnet jet,discharge pump,auto-fill,acetone leather,vent and other requirements.

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DS-15C pedicure chair model non-standard customization