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Doshower Old School Barber Chair For Sale

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2019-01-11

Doshower Old School Barber Chair For Sale

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    Doshower Old School Barber Chair For Sale

    Advantages of Doshower Old School Barber Chair:

    The barber chair is made of the top environmental protection Real Leather,super-strong wear resistance, high tensile performance and good waterproof function, and the leather is easy to clean and maintain.
    1.High-density environmentally friendly rebound sponge, professional use ofbarber chair craft sponge, high-density sponge, imported auxiliary materials, environmental protection, make sponge more suitable, sedentary does not deform and does not collapse.
    2.The men's barber chair is equipped with a cushion that can raise the pillow, slim and high backrest, and a high-loading chassis to create a beautiful hairdressing chair.

    Doshower Old School Barber Chair For Sale

    The characteristics of Doshower Old School barber chair:

    1.The oil pump can bear 150-250kg, which can make the chair up and down, 360 degree rotation, flexible, no damage to the floor, professional for the beauty salon industry.
    2.The barber chair is adjusted by the hydraulic oil pump. Under normal circumstances, the hairdresser's foot can be adjusted on the footrest by half, and the backrest can be adjusted.
    3.The barber chair adjusts the backrest angle by manually pulling the pneumatic valve. The normal barber chair has a lifting function and a rotating function. These designs are mainly for the convenience of hairdressing customers and hair stylists. Hair stylists can try to figure out the customer's hair styling from different angles and heights.

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