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Leather care method

  • Author:Doshower
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  • Release on:2021-12-03

Leather care method

  Some of our customers are worried about pollution or scratches on the leather of the foot massage chair, so they will buy the leather case in advance to replace it. The leather of our foot massage chair is made of more expensive leather, which is wear-resistant, waterproof and scratch-resistant, and can be used for a long time. But today, let’s share how to take care of the leather and keep it beautiful

1. Clean the dirty surface
Whether it is genuine leather or other leather, as long as it is worn, it will be stained with dirt and dust, so it must be cleaned up after daily use, and it can also prevent some dirt from staying on the leather for a long time, making the leather more difficult to clean.
When cleaning the surface, you can use white vinegar to mix with water, and then use a cloth to moisten the leather to wipe off the dirt and dust. If the dirt is serious and there is no suitable cleaning agent nearby, please send it to a professional store for cleaning immediately.

2. Pick the appropriate leather oil
If it is made of leather, you can choose natural animal oils such as mink oil or salmon nourishing oil. This type of oil is mainly to help leather maintenance. But different brands of animal oils are somewhat different in terms of absorption and extensibility. For example, mink oil is cheap and easy to use, but it is more difficult to spread evenly, and the absorption effect is slower, unless the leather is already in a very hungry state. In addition, for maintenance, it is not recommended to choose leather oil containing wax components. Although the application will be very shiny, too much wax will affect the air permeability and reduce the life of the leather.

3. Small worn leather can be repaired naturally
If there are some small scratches on the leather, then you can gently and slowly wipe it with your fingertips, palms or cotton cloth. Use your hands or moisten a little leather oil and push along the scratches. Slowly remove small scratches.

4. Collect properly
After careful maintenance, you should also store them properly. Avoid placing the leather in a place that is too humid or too high, and avoid direct sunlight. Too much humidity will easily make the leather moldy, and long-term exposure will cause the leather to dry and crack. , So try to put it in a ventilated and cool place.

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Leather care method