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Leather mildew common sense

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-02-23

Leather mildew common sense

Causes of mold growth in leather dermis: The dermis contains a nutrient source for mold growth.

1. Leather is a processed product of natural polymer compounds. Its main components are collagen protein and fat. A large amount of animal and vegetable oils, inorganic salts and minerals are added to the leather processing technology.
In addition, the promotion and application of new materials, such as materials with heavy oil content or water-based glue, provide a breeding ground for the growth of some fungi and molds.

2. The EU strictly restricts the use of heavy metal chemical additives such as pesticides and preservatives, so that a large number of bacteria and molds generated in the product cannot be inhibited.

3. The leather processing process and storage and transportation conditions are conducive to the growth and reproduction of molds. The suitable growth temperature of mold is 25~35℃, the relative humidity is higher than 75%, and the pH is between 1.5~11. In the process of leather processing, such as pickling, tanning, retanning and finishing are all in a weak acid environment.

Moreover, the porous structure and hygroscopicity of leather are relatively strong, and the moisture content is relatively high. Therefore, it is particularly prone to mildew. The hot and humid environment during storage also provides a favorable environment for mildew on leather.

  The harm caused by mildew in the leather: the "waste" generated by the decomposition of nutrients during the growth of the mold, or the secreted products in the metabolic activity, such as pigments, may re-invade the leather, affecting or destroying the quality of the leather.

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Leather mildew common sense