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Precautions for pedicure foot spa

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-03-21

Precautions for pedicure foot spa

 Avoid foot massage on an empty stomach

  Because the body consumes a lot of calories in the process of foot bathing, especially when the glycogen storage is small, it is easy to cause hypoglycemic shock due to hypoglycemia.

 Avoid foot bath immediately after meals

  If you wash your feet immediately after a meal, the increase in temperature and the stimulation of heat will cause the blood vessels in the skin to swell, and the blood in the digestive organs will decrease relatively, thus hindering the digestion and absorption of food.

 Avoid high water temperature

  Generally, 38~43℃ is better. If the water temperature is too high, the body heat will not be easily dissipated, and collapse or even burns may occur. Therefore, the water temperature should not be too high. Usually, it should start from 38℃ and gradually increase to 40~42℃. Of course, the choice of temperature also depends on different individuals and the length of time to soak the feet.

 Avoid rubbing the skin

  Some people like to rub the skin desperately, causing damage to the epidermal cells and even bleeding, which will reduce the defense ability of the skin, the body's natural defense line, and bacteria or viruses will take advantage of the damaged skin microcells.

 Avoid prolonged soaking in water

  If you soak in water for a long time, the capillaries of the skin will expand, which will easily cause temporary ischemia of the brain, and may faint in severe cases. Elderly people with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis may be at risk of stroke if they soak in hot water for a long time.

 Avoid foot bath

  Excessive rubbing of the skin with foot massage is not beneficial to the human body, because the skin is the first line of defense of the human body, which can prevent germs from invading the human body. Excessive friction can damage the skin and weaken its defenses. Excessive foot massage can cause the skin to become rough, dry, excessively flaky, and even cracked or damaged due to lack of oil.

  The frequency of foot massage in the four seasons should be different. The frequency of foot massage is usually once a day, but it can also be twice a day due to treatment needs, but the elderly should use once a day. If you sweat a lot from work, you need to wash your feet at any time. For the average person, it can be done once a day in winter and twice a day in summer.

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Precautions for pedicure foot spa