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Selection and matching of barber chairs

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-03-09

Selection and matching of barber chairs

  Barber chairs are already common in hair salons and spa beauty salons. At present, there are many kinds of hairdressing chairs on the market, so how to choose the hairdressing chair that is suitable for your store decoration?

  First, the layout and the tone of the interior should be carefully considered. The selection of barber chairs cannot be separated from the store decoration, and must be consistent with the store decoration style. For example, if the store adopts European-style decoration, the barber chair series products naturally need to purchase European-style barber chairs. If it is a simple decoration, you can choose a simple barber chair.

  Second. The color of the barber chair should be consistent with the overall color of the barber shop interior. Otherwise, it will affect the whole function of indoor placement. For example, in two rooms with the same color, living area and space height, if a white mask is used on the sofa, because it is in harmony with the surrounding colors and integrates into one, it can enlarge the interior space and make people feel more relaxed; 

  on the contrary, use The dark brown is used as the sofa's coat, which conflicts with the interior color. It makes people feel that the space is "narrow" and the mood is depressed. This feeling difference. In a small room, it is more obvious.

  Finally, the barber chair should be well color-matched with other equipment. It can neither be "uniform", appear monotonous and uninteresting; nor can it make the colors cluttered, misplaced, dizzying, and destroy the perfect harmony of the whole. The general principle is that there are masters and subordinates, mutually support each other, and reconcile each other. Follow nature, form a complete and consistent whole.

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Selection and matching of barber chairs