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The correct preservation method of nail polish

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2019-09-04

The correct preservation method of nail polish

    The most sad thing for the nail shop owners is that there is something wrong with the product,dry glue, and colored blocks in the glue!If seen by customers, it will also damage the image of the store.Therefore, we must understand the correct preservation method of nail polish and extend its service life.

Nail Polish

The main ingredients are natural resins and some color materials,which cured under the irradiation of ultraviolet light and formed a film,instead of volatilizing the nail polish.Generally speaking, the shelf life of nail polish is about 2 years, and it can be kept for 3 years without opening.

The correct preservation method of nail polish

    Causes of deterioration of nail polish

1. The sealing of the cap itself is not good.

2. Many nail technician open the bottle until they finish manicure,then cover the bottle,and the nail glue will deteriorate quickly when exposed to air for a long time.

3. In the process of using,if the nail polish on the bottle mouth is not cleaned in time, the nail polish will harden and the cap will not be completely sealed.

4. If the residue of nail polish is not cleaned up in time, it will produce granules and lumps when it is reused.

5. Mix different colors of nail polish caps.

6. Exposure to ultraviolet light for too long will lead to the thickening of nail polish,such as fluorescent lamps, sunlight, phototherapy machines,etc.

The correct preservation method of nail polish

    Correct Preservation Method

1. It's better to buy plastic bottle caps with good sealing.

2. Keep the nail polish in a cool place and wrap it with a fresh-keeping film outside the bottle.

3. Cover the bottle cap in time after use,and tighten the cap.

4. After using the nail polish,we must pay attention to the cleaning of the bottle mouth!You can take a small piece of cosmetic cotton to dip in less nail washing water or alcohol, repeatedly wipe the bottle mouth, you can wipe off the nail polish.

5. If the nail polish becomes viscous,drop one or two nail polish diluent into bottles can dilute it.If it becomes viscous because of the low temperature,it can be soaked in appropriate hot water for about 20 minutes,and the water temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees.

6. Avoid contact with ultraviolet light. Do not let the rest light of the phototherapy machine shine on the nail polish.Note that the strong fluorescent lamp is a chronic phototherapy machine,so the nail polish should also avoid too long contact with the fluorescent lamp.

The preservation of nail polish is also a university question! If the nail polish has been stored for a long time,it has become sticky or cracked.For the sake of users'health and brand reputation,do not use it again,in order to avoid adverse effects and bring negative effects to the nail shop.