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The function of foot massage

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-01-03

The function of foot massage

  Foot baths have become a popular fashion. Many people only know that foot baths can help relieve fatigue. They don't know much about the five major effects of foot baths. Only a comprehensive grasp of foot bath health care knowledge, coupled with the use of correct foot bath therapy, will help the body recover.

  1. Foot bath to promote blood circulation Generally speaking, body temperature is closely related to blood circulation.

  Is the foot bath safe? Low body temperature also lower blood circulation, and blood circulation is also strong when body temperature rises. Hot foot bathing can improve the blood circulation of the feet. The warming effect of water can expand the blood vessels of the feet and increase the skin temperature, thereby promoting the blood of the feet and the whole body...

  2. Foot bath foot bath promotes metabolism.

  Hot water foot bath promotes the blood circulation of the feet and the whole body. Due to the increase in blood circulation, it regulates the secretion of various hormones by various endocrine glands, such as thyroid hormones secreted by the thyroid gland and secreted by the adrenal glands. Adrenal hormones and so on, these hormones can promote metabolism.
  3. Foot bath to relieve fatigue.

When the human body is physically fatigued, poor blood circulation in the feet, metabolic end products, calcium salts, lactic acid microcrystals and other substances first appear.

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The function of foot massage