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Tips on how to protect your hands in winter

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-11-08

Tips on how to protect your hands in winter

  The skin is a barrier between the human body and the external environment. It not only plays a protective role, but is also a beauty organ.
  However, beauty care should not only focus on the face, but the hands and feet are also very important. In winter, the hands and feet are most susceptible to external influences.
  So, how can we do hand and foot care in winter?

1. Wash your hands with warm water
In winter, not only the face but also the hands will feel very dry, especially after washing hands, in order to prevent the skin from feeling dry, be sure to apply hand cream immediately, and remember to use warm water as much as possible when washing your hands. Do not use water that is too cold or too hot, which is very unfavorable to your hands, and it is not advisable to wash your hands too much, or use inferior cleaning agents will cause harm to your hands.

2. Hand mask once a week
Apply hand cream after washing your hands. This is a way to care for the skin of the hands, but it is not enough to rely on such a method alone. It is also necessary to make a hand mask once a week to let the skin of the hands enjoy the most intimate care. , Mix olive oil and egg white together, clean your hands thoroughly and apply it to your hands, then wrap your hands with plastic wrap or hot towel, take the wrapper away after 15 minutes, massage the skin of your hands to promote nutrients Just absorb it.

3. Apply hand cream
Hand cream is a good best friend for hands in winter. You will use it in the morning and evening. MMs can prepare a few hand creams and put them in the bedroom, bathroom or bag at home, and apply the hand cream immediately after washing your hands. The cream protects the hands from the effects of dryness and restores the elasticity and whiteness of the skin on the hands.

4. Deep cleansing of hands
Girls' hands are constantly busy every day. Over time, a lot of keratin will accumulate in their hands. At this time, hand care needs to be exfoliated. You can use protein-containing scrub + hand care lotion to mix the two together. Afterwards, it is used to massage the skin of the hands, which can help remove the aging cutin on the hands and promote the regeneration of the skin of the hands.

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Tips on how to protect your hands in winter