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daily hand care

  • Author:Doshower
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  • Release on:2022-01-12

daily hand care

In addition to doing basic hand care, we also need to pay attention to these details in our daily life.

1. Do not use face cream as hand cream. The ingredients of face cream and hand cream are different. Some students directly use face cream as hand cream.

2. Always take hand cream with you when you go out in autumn and winter. After washing your hands or feeling dry, apply a little in time to keep your hands fully moist and not cracked.

3. After we come into contact with alkaline substances such as washing powder and soap, we can first apply a few drops of vinegar water or lemonade to our hands to remove the alkaline substances remaining on the surface of the skin, and then apply hand cream. Beauties who do not have these conditions should also pay attention to cleaning their hands with warm water and then applying hand cream.

4. When the barbs appear on the fingers, be sure not to tear them hard, as this will cause bleeding at the long barbs. Soak them in warm water first, and then use small scissors to slowly cut them off after the barbs are softened.

5. Students with rough skin on hands can add a few drops of olive oil in warm water and soak their hands for 10 minutes, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of rough skin.

In addition, a warm reminder that the color of your fingernails will change in a period of time, and the change of nail color is closely related to your health.
Our nail types are divided into four main categories.
1. Healthy. The nail surface is smooth and pinkish.
2. Dry type. The edges of the nails are broken, cracked and peeled.
3. Hard type. Nails are inelastic and not easy to break.
4. Damage type. Nails are weak, weak and dull.

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daily hand care