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some information about the barber chair

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-03-07

some information about the barber chair

  The barber chair is equipped with a hydraulic oil pump to adjust the height of the chair to facilitate the hair stylist to cut hair. It also has functions such as the seat can be rotated and the back of the chair can be tilted back to a certain angle.

  With the development of social economy and the improvement of living standards, the barber industry has also begun to reform, and the word barber has been replaced by "hairdressing", and its practicality is far inferior to its decoration. The large and bulky cast iron barber's chair, the old dark yellow wooden table, the white towel and the razor...the standard equipment of the barber has disappeared from the memory of many young people.

  In its place are various chain stores, flagship stores, beauty and hair studios, and more that sound more stylish, high-end names.

  In order to win the high-end market, many companies have paid more and more attention to brand and image building, and traditional hydraulic barber chairs and shaving chairs can no longer meet the needs. The new barber chairs are becoming more and more fashionable in appearance design, and the materials are more and more novel.

  In the trend of social and economic development, traditional barber shops and barber chairs are gradually declining, and are gradually replaced by hair salons and hair salons. But with the popularity of retro style, some high-end old-fashioned barbershops that look very warm and sincere have appeared in the public eye.

  These barbershops have vintage chandeliers, folding razors and even vintage sharpening belts and, of course, an old barber chair.

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some information about the barber chair