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How to protect your feet in winter

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-10-22

How to protect your feet in winter

In winter, people often feel that the skin on their feet is obviously dry and even chapped, which is mostly caused by the dry climate. Therefore, it is very important to protect the feet with salon package furniture. Keep the skin of the feet moist, which can prevent and relieve rough skin.

pedicure foot spa massage chair soaking your feet with hot water can not only keep your feet warm, prevent cold from invading the soles of your feet, but also promote peripheral blood circulation and promote human metabolism, so as to achieve health benefits such as stretching your muscles and bones, strengthening the brain, calming the nerves, and strengthening the body.

However, the time for soaking the feet should not be too long, and it should be controlled at about 20 minutes, and the water temperature should be maintained at 38 ℃-43 ℃.
After footsie bath pedicure spa chair soaking the feet, you can also perform appropriate physical stimulation on the feet, such as massage, rubbing the feet, etc., to achieve the effect of strengthening the body and alleviating the cold hands and feet.

After soaking your feet each time, you can apply moisturizer to the feet to moisturize.

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