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Pedicure Tub Liner

  • Author:Doshower
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  • Release on:2019-02-27

Pedicure Tub Liner

   Pedicure treatments have become very common in many salons and spas. Typically, at the start of a pedicure, a client's feet are soaked in a warm foot bath to soften the skin on the feet. After several minutes of soaking, the feet are scrubbed and calluses are removed. In addition, the toe nails are trimmed and groomed. The feet are then soaked in the foot bath again to further cleanse the feet.

    Pedicure Tub Liner

    A disposable liner is positioned within a foot/pedicure tub to protect clients from risks associated with unsanitary tubs. The foot tub includes an upper peripheral edge portion and an interior portion having a two-tiered foot platform molded therein. The disposable liner includes an elastic or drawstring band that fits snugly around and can be hidden under the upper peripheral edge portion of the foot tub. In addition, the disposable liner includes a plastic portion covering the interior portion of the foot tub. The plastic portion of the liner is shaped to conform to the two-tiered foot platform of the foot tub. When a pedicure is complete, a used liner may be easily removed and disposed of and a new liner may be arranged to prepare for the next client.

   Disposable Plastic PE Liner For Pedcicure Chair/SPA