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Solid Wood Beauty Massage Bed

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2019-06-06

Solid Wood Beauty Massage Bed

Solid Wood Beauty Massage Bed

[Material] High-quality PC leather,comfortable high-density,no distortion sponge,solid wood base,durable, environmentally friendly paint treatment,smelless.

[Color] Customizable

[Specification] Customizable

[Product characteristics]
1.High comfort:After precise testing and customer experience,it is refined with luxurious fireproof and flame retardant sponge of 8cm thickness and moderate hardness,which makes you feel very satisfied. Never do sloppy sewing.Customer's happiness is always the bright spot where product details can be found.

2.Strong:After rigorous pressure testing,it ensures the safety and reliability of the bed.The maximum static pressure of the bed can be more than 500 kg.The best material is used to ensure that after years of use,the product will never shake and can be used with confidence.

3.Humanized design: Professional pillow hole design-customers can breathe through the stomata when they are in prone position,without any feeling of tightness! And the pillow rack can be raised,leaving more space for the masseur's legs,especially when doing head massage!

4.The round corners make the leather more protected and make iteasierto move around the bed.

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