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The importance of skin care in winter

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-11-15

The importance of skin care in winter

1. Skin care in winter can maintain skin moisture content
The key to the existence of delicate and supple skin is the water content in the skin. The skin includes several parts such as epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. There is a layer of stratum corneum on the outermost side of the epidermis, and the sebum film on the surface plays a role in preventing the loss of skin moisture. There is also an intercellular lipid inside the stratum corneum, which maintains the moisture in the skin
When the skin's metabolism becomes slow, the sebum produced by the sebum membrane will gradually decrease, coupled with some other external stimuli, the loss of water, and the formation of dryness. In winter, timely maintenance of the skin can maintain the moisture content of the skin and avoid dry wrinkles.

2. Skin care in winter can reduce pores
In winter, the keratin will be relatively reduced, but the number of times to apply the mask will increase greatly. Applying a facial mask in winter can effectively remove dead skin on the surface of the face, and effectively reduce large pores, making the skin smooth and flat. At the same time, because the weather is relatively cold, so the pores will be smaller than in other seasons, regular maintenance of the skin will become more and more smooth.

3. Skin care in winter can restore skin damage
Sunburned skin in summer is the best recovery period in winter. In winter, the temperature will be lower and the reproduction of microorganisms will be slower, so it is most suitable to go to the beauty and health salon for maintenance. In addition, the winter sun is also precious, and the ultraviolet rays are naturally lower. The soft sun is especially suitable for skin care.

4. Skin care in winter can enhance skin function
Various diseases are prone to appear in winter. Nursing care can effectively assist and enhance the adaptability of the skin. Sensitivity, roughness, itching, peeling, redness and swelling will also appear in the cold winter. Nursing care can effectively relieve the symptoms of dry skin and itching.

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The importance of skin care in winter