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the benefit of the pedicure and manicure

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-11-01

the benefit of the pedicure and manicure

  Many people like foot bathing, but they don't know the benefits of foot bathing. The health of the feet represents the health of the human body. Let’s share the benefits of foot massage today.
  Practice has proved that foot bath therapy can prevent colds, allergic asthma, neurasthenia, hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, menopausal syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, phlebitis, vasculitis, sciatica, tinnitus, eye diseases and other diseases .


  Hot foot bathing promotes the blood circulation of the feet and the whole body. Due to the increase in blood circulation, it regulates the secretion of various hormones by the endocrine glands.

  Foot massage with hot water can regulate the meridians and qi and blood. At the same time, the blood vessels in the feet expand and the blood volume increases, so that the blood flow in the head is accelerated, and enough oxygen and nutrients needed by the brain are supplemented in time.
 Especially in winter, sticking to feet every day can not only keep the feet clean, enhance their metabolism, and improve the resistance to foreign pathogenic microorganisms.

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the benefit of the pedicure and manicure