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About nail care habits

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2022-01-11

About nail care habits

  Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, beautifying, and beautifying fingernails according to the shape of the client's hand, nail shape, skin, and clothing color and requirements. It has the characteristics of various forms of expression.

  Nails are the most wonderful part of the hand. Nails that are neat and beautiful will give people a trustworthy and very good impression. So we have to develop the habit of manicure nails.

good habits
1. When washing your hands, you should be gentle, and avoid scratching your nails with a stiff brush or rudely scraping hard objects with your nails, which will make the nails brittle, and will also cause the nails to be upturned and detached from the nail bed.

2. When applying hand protection products, the horns around the nails should also be properly cared for.

3. Poor blood circulation not only causes spots and bruises on the hands, but also the nails are blue. It should be fully massaged to strengthen blood circulation, so that the blood can flow to the hands and the nail bed to restore a healthy luster.

4. Wear rubber gloves when doing housework to avoid chemical damage to the nails

5. When applying colored nail polish, you should first apply a layer of colorless nail polish for protection to prevent the pigment in the nail polish from depositing on the surface of the nail. For nails with deposits, let them fall off automatically. This is the best treatment method. Do not use bleach to bleach the nails.

6. Don't bite your nails, it's a bad habit.

7. Do not use nails as tools, and use relevant special tools.

8. Wear less fake nails, because it is easy to hide dirt between real and fake nails, providing conditions for bacteria to multiply, and real nails are covered under fake nails for a long time, which will become fragile and easy to break.

  No matter what nationality or race. The yearning for beauty and the reverence are the same. In the continuous pursuit, the techniques and methods are updated from time to time, and the nail art materials are also more healthy and environmentally friendly! Meet the beauty needs of different groups of people.

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About nail care habits