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What to do with sweaty hands and feet

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2021-11-22

What to do with sweaty hands and feet

As the weather gets colder and colder, the temperature is relatively low. People's activity gradually decreases. However, there are still people who experience sweaty hands and feet in winter, which is not caused by exercise.
What to do with sweaty hands and feet

1. Apply talcum powder to the wet foot skin and rub it properly until the wet skin becomes dry and smooth.
2. Dry socks and shoes with hot air to keep socks and shoes dry and warm.
3. You should choose shoes with good air permeability and vent holes, so that the internal air circulation does not collect heat and can reduce water vapor.
4. The comfort of shoes is very important. Comfortable shoes are not crappy and your feet will not sweat because of discomfort.
5. Insoles should be shoes with more ventilation holes, and insoles similar to leather can be used appropriately. In this way, the soles of the feet are not easy to sweat.
6. Generally speaking, thicker socks are warm in winter, but those with sweaty feet tend to sweat if their socks are thick, which makes the socks more uncomfortable when wet. So thick socks should be suitable.

7. Change socks frequently, because clean socks are more absorbent and comfortable, and can alleviate the effects of sweating.
8. Wet shoes are more likely to make your feet uncomfortable and sweaty. So prepare at least two pairs of shoes to change in turn.
9. It is impossible to wash shoes frequently in winter. Prepare a shoe dryer and proper sterilization is beneficial to the comfort of your feet. After drying the shoes, there is less residual moisture and more comfortable.
10. Soak your feet in tea water, about an hour, and stick to a month. It is also good to choose to soak your feet with vinegar.
11. When taking a bath, be sure to wipe the crevices of your feet clean, and the foot-washing cloth should be replaced frequently, so as not to give germs a chance to take advantage of it.
12. You can go to the pharmacy to buy some drugs to assist in the treatment.

13. You can try to apply toothpaste on the feet, long-term persistence will have a great effect.

Conclusion: In life, there are two reasons for the easy sweating of hands and feet. One is that the human body will sweat when the amount of regular exercise increases. There is also a weak physique, even in winter, will sweat, which is often referred to as sweating.

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What to do with sweaty hands and feet