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What to do with dry hands and feet in winter

  • Author:Doshower
  • Source:original
  • Release on:2021-11-24

What to do with dry hands and feet in winter

In winter, not only the climate is dry and easy to get angry, but also a large amount of water in the body will be lost. Chapped hands and feet are the most common phenomenon. Mild chapped hands and feet will cause peeling, while severe chapped hands will bleed or even hard to heal for a long time.
1. Keep out the cold
After entering the winter, you must do a good job of keeping out the cold. In addition to wearing thick shoes and socks, it is best to wear gloves to keep warm.
2. Less contact with cold water
Try to minimize the number of exposures to cold water in winter, because cold water is very irritating to the skin, and it is easy to volatilize the oil on the skin of the hands, resulting in dry and cracked hands. Washing hands in winter is to use warm and hot water as much as possible.
3. Apply ointment
Dry hands and feet are related to lack of water. Adhere to the habit of soaking your feet every day. It is best to apply high-moisturizing petrolatum or glycerin and other skin care products after soaking your feet. If your hands are dry, you can apply a hormone-free hand cream to make the skin of the hands and feet smooth through the ingredients of the medicine.

4. Use less alkaline washing products
Alkaline soaps and detergents are very harmful to the skin, so try to use neutral detergents in winter.
5. Supplement vitamins
Eat more sunflower seeds in winter, because there are many vitamin E components in sunflower seeds. Everyone knows that vitamin E is a natural skin care product as well as a good antioxidant product. Eating more sunflower seeds can effectively prevent the appearance of dry hands and feet.
Vitamin A has the obvious effect of preventing skin chapped, so it is especially good to eat more carrots, sweet potatoes and animal organs. If it is a patient with long-term chapped hands and feet, he should eat more foods such as pig liver and pig skin.

In fact, dry hands and feet only need to pay attention to moisturizing and keeping warm. Stick to wash hands and feet with warm water, and then apply moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products or ointments to relieve them. If the hands and feet are dry and cracked due to germs, treatment is needed, because the fungus is very contagious, and if it is not treated in time, it will cause large areas of dry and cracked hands and feet.

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What to do with dry hands and feet in winter