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Introduction to Massage

  • Author:Doshower
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  • Release on:2022-02-28

Introduction to Massage

3 Benefits of Massage
  1. Promote blood circulation: Massage can help muscles relax, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, thereby strengthening blood circulation, and improving the body's metabolic capacity, immunity and activity performance.

  2. The mind becomes flexible: During massage, the fascia and acupoints are usually pressed to stimulate the body's sensory receptors, so that the receptors can send stimulation signals to the brain and increase the flexibility of the brain.

  3. Eliminate fatigue: Through the pressing and oil pushing of the tendons and muscles, the muscles that are usually tense are relaxed, the tension is restored to balance, and the body and mind are relaxed and fatigue is eliminated.

type of massage
 1. Oil pressure massage
  Oil pressure massage is usually used with essential oils. The massage techniques include pushing, wiping, scraping and other actions. The gentle massage force and the relaxing effect of essential oils are suitable for eliminating minor fatigue and allowing the body and mind to get adequate rest.

 2. Thai Massage
  Thai massage usually does not use essential oils or massage oils. The masseuse will start from the toes and massage from the bottom to the top, using the strength of the arms, feet and the whole body to roll and stretch the muscles and connective tissues of the body, which belongs to the comparison of strength. It is a big massage method. For the first-time massage person, it is recommended to communicate with the masseuse about the appropriate strength first, in order to truly relax the body.

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Introduction to Massage